Author: David Hamilton

Stand Together 31st January 2020

Broughton Youth Theatre proudly presents ‘Stand Together’ In association with Broughton Specialist Dance and Broughton Specialist Music. On Friday 31st of January In Broughton High School Theatre.  3 pm-4pm A free performance (donations towards charity accepted)   January 2020 marks 75 years since the liberation of the death camps at Auschwitz and 25 years since…

Save The Date

As we prepare to say farewell to 2019 and open our diaries for 2020, please insert July 8th as the day for the 25th Anniversary Memorial Event at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. Remembering Srebrenica Scotland is very grateful to Glasgow Life for partnering with us in this very important year for our charity. We…

Peter Howson and his latest painting The Massacre of Srebrenica

Peter Howson, the acclaimed war Artist speaks to the BBC about his own ‘personal hell’ following the sights he witnessed in Bosnia during the War.  

Action on Prejudice Webpost

Following her recent trip on the November delegation, Sarah has written this  blog on the Action on Prejudice website.

Bosnian Television Interview

For all our Bosnian readers, this is Julie Adair, Vice Chair of Remembering Srebrenica (Scotland) being interviewed by N1 TV channel at Potocari Memorial Centre last week.

Robert McNeil In Al Jazeera

Our Trustee, Robert McNeil MBE, gives an interview to Al Jazeera Balkans We’ve used Translation software to convert the text to English and replicated below Former Hague forensic scientist paints the truth about the Srebrenica genocide Robert McNeil translated his horror memories into works of art that spread the truth about war crimes in…

‘Witness’, ‘Subjugation’ and ‘Srebrenica Woman’

Remembering Srebrenica Scotland, Trustee Robert McNeil MBE, has unveiled three of his paintings in a new exhibition at St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art in Glasgow. The artworks ‘Witness’, ‘Subjugation’ and ‘Srebrenica Woman’, which have recently been acquired by Glasgow Museums, tell the story of the Srebrenica genocide.. The paintings feature in the …

Lorraine McIntosh: A Town Broken By Conflict (The Herald)

Broadcasting Scotland Interview with Dr Sinan Sinanović

Broadcasting Scotland interview with Dr Sinan Sinanović of Glasgow Caledonian University on life in Sarajevo during the War, the Srebrenica genocide and the hopes for Bosnia in the future.    

Robert McNeils Latest Painting

‘Blinded by the Light.’ On this day 24years ago thousands of Muslim men and boys from Srebrenica ran into the forrest to escape certain death by Bosnian Serb soldiers. As they made their way to Tuzla, 40 miles away through mine fields and shelling, they were confronted by soldiers wearing Dutch UN uniforms shouting to…