Scottish Education Pack

Beyond Srebrenica (formerly Remembering Srebrenica Scotland) has worked closely with Education Scotland to develop a Teaching Resource that supports teaching about Srebrenica within the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence framework,

This resource is designed to help pupils understand the behaviours and influences around them that can either build or damage a cohesive community. Appropriate for the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, the lesson plans contained are based on a prior resource developed in collaboration between Remembering Srebrenica and the PSHE Association, for the National Curriculum for England. Adaptations applied to bring the resource in line with the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence have been made with support from Education Scotland. While the resource has been developed to act as a comprehensive and cohesive programme of study, it is expected that lesson plans and activities may be used flexibly by teachers, for example within Social Studies, Religious and Moral Education, Health and Wellbeing, and Personal and social education

To Download the Education pack, please Click Here

The Education Pack is being refreshed and new material will be added to the site when published. To stay notified please use our Contact Page.


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