Voices from the Drina

This September will see the launch of our educational resource, Voices from the Drina, funded and hosted by Beyond Srebrenica.
Voices from the Drina is a genocide education project founded by Bosnian Genocide researcher, Georgio Konstandi. Through collating testimonies from survivors of the genocide which was committed by Serb forces in Bosnia’s Drina Valley, Voices from the Drina aims to imagine what social media would have looked like as the events of the genocide unfolded.
The Drina Valley was an area of Bosnia which was particularly targeted by Serb forces for so-called “ethnic cleansing” as well as genocide. Between 1992 and 1995, tens of thousands of predominantly Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) civilians were either massacred, forced out of their homes, or selected for slave labour. The few Serb civilians who refused to support the new “Serb Republic” were also persecuted.
Voices from the Drina will simulate a social media newsfeed, in which the words of survivors themselves will come to life. Students of the genocide will be able to follow the events of 1992-1995 in real time. In addition to testimonies from survivors, the simulated newsfeed will also feature statements made by members of the Serb ethnonationalist elite during the war, as well statements made by international diplomats and politicians. Statements featured on the simulated newsfeed are already in the public domain.
By simulating events in this way, Voices from the Drina aims to provide a new, engaging medium through which the Bosnian Genocide can be taught in schools.

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