Join with the Board of Remembering Srebrenica (Scotland) between 7pm and 8.30pm on Thursday 30th May at Glasgow Caledonian University to learn about the Srebrenica Genocide in this 24th year since the atrocity. We will also remember White Armband Day, marked by Bosnian communities across the world, not only to remember the victims, but also to raise awareness of continuing human rights violations taking place in the area today. To this day, local authorities in Prijedor have refused to permit the construction of a memorial for the innocent civilian victims killed in the notorious concentration camp at Omarska or a memorial to the children that were killed in the war.

We will hear from Dr Branka Antic Stauber- Chair of a post war support charity for women, from a recently returned delegation as well as hearing of our activities here in Scotland to challenge hatred and prejudice.

There will also be an update on our newly designed Education Pack for use in schools.

You can book tickets below or by the following this link


Very Rev Dr Lorna Hood OBE (Chair)
On behalf of the Board of Remembering Srebrenica (Scotland)

The Painting used in this event is “White Armband Day” by Robert McNeill MBE, Vice Chair of our charity. To learn more about it please follow this link