A beautiful documentary featuring Clare Findlay, who took in 21 refugee children – many of whom she was told were orphans – from war torn Bosnia. The local community in Elgin, Scotland rallied round to welcome them, but it was only when international schoolgirl Petra came to translate that the children were able to properly communicate and share what horrors they had fled. Petra not only gave the refugees a voice, but crucially she also uncovered the truth – that none of them were orphans and all had families they had been forced to leave behind. Clare then embarked upon a years-long battle to reunite the children with their families, many of whom still live locally in Scotland today. Now Clare wants to find Petra, in order to thank her for unlocking the truth and changing the course of the children’s lives.

The programme also features the remarkable story of identical twin brothers George and Peter who were born to a Jewish family in Berlin, six months after Hitler became chancellor of Germany. It tracks their search for the neighbours who saved their lives.

The programme is now currently streaming on the BBC Iplayer.