Holocaust Memorial Day 2022

Remembering Srebrenica Scotland was honoured to join St Andrews University Jewish Society at an interfaith memorial event to remember all those killed in genocide. The event took place at St Andrews pier and was addressed by the leaders of different diversity groups. RSS Secretary David Hamilton spoke to the group about the Srebrenica genocide and…

Scotland is the “coolest nation on Earth”, Bosnian N1 Journalist, Ika Ferrer Gotic

Our Secretary David Hamilton was interviewed by N1 Journalist Ika Ferrer Gotić after she returned home from Glasgow COP26. In the chat that followed Ika shared her affection for Scotland after meeting so many kind Scots.This was picked up by Scottish media and shared by thousands of her new Scottish Twitter fans.Ika has also interviewed…

Reflections on Mladic and Kelvingrove Exhibition- STV

This report was screened on 8th June 2021 on Scotland Tonight. it reflects on the judgement of the UNIRCMT in rejecting Mladic’s appeal against his conviction in 2017 for war crimes committed nearly 30 years ago.

White Armband Day

Monday 31st May 2021 is White Armband Day. Why not wear one and when people ask…..

Saved by a stranger

A beautiful documentary featuring Clare Findlay, who took in 21 refugee children – many of whom she was told were orphans – from war torn Bosnia. The local community in Elgin, Scotland rallied round to welcome them, but it was only when international schoolgirl Petra came to translate that the children were able to properly…

Donate by Shopping

Remembering Srebrenica (Scotland) is a registered partner in the Amazon Smile project. Simply use the this link before you checkout and the online retailer will make a small donation to the charity. Everything is the same, your membership status, offers, deals, vouchers, stored details and shopping basket will show in the smile site. It is…

Srebrenica Stories 26: Almasa Salihovic, Teacher, Translator and Delegation Guide

Almasa shares her story of growing up in Bosnia during the war. 

Srebrenica Stories 25: Ricky Ross, Deacon Blue

Ricky reflects on his trip to Srebrenica with Remembering Srebrenica, Scotland. 

Srebrenica Stories 24: Elaine Motion Chair, Balfour + Manson

Elaine reflects on her trip to Srebrenica with Remembering Srebrenica Scotland. 

Srebrenica Stories 23: Jackie Halawi, Assistant Director Education Scotland

Jackie shares her reflections from a trip to Srebrenica with Remembering Srebrenica Scotland in 2018.  

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